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One of the Top 5 Fabulous Farm Dinners in the United States - Fodor's Travel
1st Runner-Up : Best Farm-To-Table Dinner - Hartford Courant
Natural Nutmeg Magazine - 9/29/17
An "amazing night." Read more here.
CT Ain't So Bad - 8/11/16
Review of "Cocina" event here.
Joanne R. - 7/25/16
I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had the other evening at the Farm to Table in Simsbury! Attending one of these meals was on my bucket list of life and it truly lived up to all my expectations…. ! A dear friend gathered 10 of us and the fun never stopped. Each dish was exquisitely prepared, with portion size and food temperature to perfection. Our waiter, Kevin was attentive, kind and knowledgeable. A woman named Rachel would come over to the table each and every time we had a question sharing our enthusiasm with the evening’s festivities. Who knew you also provided “goody bags”? The corn was sooo wonderful I cooked it and saved it for my 90 parents to eat days later…. just sharing the pleasure… Please make sure the appropriate people know whatever they are doing- just keep it up! My husband was out of town and I chose to go myself. I did not miss him as the event was as warm as a family dinner… Sincere kudos to the Max Group!
Patricia B. - 7/22/16
I wanted to write a quick note about last night's chef to farm at Rosedale Farms. The food...amazing, delicious, decadent and memorable. The wine..generously and expertly poured, ever-flowing and tasty. The cocktail refreshing. The was so very good to see so many familiar faces! As always, the staff was friendly, and all-around top notch. The band...perfect. My husband and I feel like veterans when it comes to your dinners after attending so many over the years. We look forward to and enjoy each and every one of them.
CT Eats Out - 6/27/16
"I would recommend the Max’s Chef to Farm dinner to anyone looking for amazing, local, food in an idyllic location." Read the full article here. - 6/13/16
8 CT Farm Dinners With Spectacular Views & Cuisine
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Natural Nutmeg Magazine - 9/16/15
"A culinary highlight of the summer". Read more here.
Juliedible - 7/15/15
"Overall the entire event was an incredible dining experience with the most local, fresh and flavorful foods". Read more here.
Cait Plus Ate - 8/28/12
"They've certainly outdone themselves with their Chef to Farm dinner series". More here.