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What can I expect when attending a Max Chef to Farm Dinner?
Your evening will begin with a hors d’oeuvres and wine or beer-tasting reception (depending on the theme); then head out for a tour of the farm. View the fields and learn about the farm’s history, operations, and products. Your tour concludes in the tented area* where tables dressed in white linen and candlelight offer a view of the al fresco kitchen. Each dinner is cooked from scratch and showcases that day’s best produce. The ingredients are sourced from local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. Prepare yourself for a memorable dining experience featuring the freshest and most flavorful local foods available! *ALL FARM DINNERS AT ROSEDALE FARMS & VINEYARDS HAVE TENTS. WITH OUR OTHER DINNERS, THIS IS TO BE DETERMINED.

Arrival and Timing

What time should I arrive?
For our sit down dinners, you should arrive as close to the scheduled arrival time as possible as not to miss the reception. You will check-in with us upon arrival and we will provide your table number.
How long do the dinners usually last?
For dinners with an arrival of 6:30 pm, we anticipate wrapping up by 9:30 pm. For dinners where the arrival is 5:30 pm, we would finish at approximately 8:30 pm.


How is the seating done?
At Rosedale Farms & Vineyards, we have long rectangular tables that seat 14 people comfortably and can do up to 16 if needed. Other farms have long communal tables. We pre-determine seating at all our sit down dinners. When you place your order online, you’ll see a notes field designated for this information.
Will I be able to sit with my friends or co-workers?
Yes. In the notes field in our online ordering process, please list the reservation name of the person(s) you are joining. We pre-determine seating.

Menu, Food Restrictions and Allergies

Will I be able to see the menu prior to the dinner?
Each of our Max Chef to Farm dinners vary depending on the day’s harvest and the inspiration of the Chef. We will post menus in the Menu Section of the Max Chef to Farm website approximately 2 weeks prior to each sit down dinner.
What if I have food or beverage allergies/restrictions?
We must be made aware prior to the dinner. As long as you indicate that when you place your order, our Chef and Beverage Director can accommodate almost any dietary need. Please tell us the name of guest and their restriction/allergy in the notes field when ordering online.


What if the weather calls for rain?
We very rarely cancel dinners as we have a large sturdy tent, but we would always err on the side of caution if the forecast calls for dangerous conditions. If the event is cancelled due to weather, we will contact you via the email you provided when ordering to communicate plans and we will honor your ticket on a subsequent night.


What should I wear?
Dress comfortably and for the weather conditions. Casual/smart casual attire is perfectly acceptable.

Reservations, pricing, payment, and Max Vantage

Where can I make a reservation?
You can purchase seats HERE. What is the price per seat to a sit-down Max Chef to Farm dinner and what does that include? The price per seat varies based on the theme of the dinner. Our pricing, plus 6.35% CT State Sales tax and 20% house fee includes it all - hors d’oeuvres and wine or beer-tasting reception, a farm tour, a welcome cocktail, an incredible four–five course meal along with wines or beer, and live music.
What forms of payment are accepted on the website?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club.
Will I earn Max Vantage points for the purchase of my seat(s)?
Yes! When you place your order online, there is a designated field to enter your Max Vantage account number. You can also provide phone number if you don’t have your physical card.
Can I use my Max Vantage points to pay for tickets?
Absolutely! You can use Max Vantage dollars towards the food + beverage portion, which varies. 1200 points equates to $100. Please email Guest Services at to request this.
Will I receive physical tickets?
We do not send tickets. After you reserve seats, your name goes onto our reservation list. Upon arrival at the farm, you will check-in with us and we will provide your table number.

Farm Gift Certificates

Can I purchase a farm dinner gift certificate
Yes. Please email Guest Services at